The Four Agreements

written by don miguel ruiz ~ reviewed by jaime kozlowski

When we make use of all four agreements, we come full-circle. If we stay committed to the Four Agreements and maintain coming full-circle, an amazing forward momentum is constant perpetual motion. It’s like a large ocean liner that slowly moves out of port, then into the sea, all the while gradually building forward motion. Once the possess the inertia needed to keep the ship moving, the captain is in command of a powerful force that only needs gentle guidance.

Two essential elements bring the power of the agreements together. They are, “Domestication” and “The Dream of Heaven and Hell.” Ruiz explains domestication begins from the day that we were born into this world, we are innocent and instantly accept all the information presented to us. Our parents tell us their belief system, view of the world, and expectations; we agree, making their beliefs part of our own dream. We are all domesticated by our parents; taught right from wrong and punished or rewarded accordingly. We learn to do what others want from us, to judge ourselves based on outside influences and we learn to become the victim. We chose to live the dream hell even though living in the dream of heaven is very close by. We must realize that we can accept our own beliefs and destroy the negative belief system we have agreed with. We can stop the cycle of dysfunction and misinformation. By creating our dream of heaven, we chose what we want to believe and we are the masters of our destiny.

We determine whether we create the Dream of Heaven or the Dream of Hell. The Toltecs teach us that the mind is always dreaming; we dream when asleep and when awake. What you are seeing now, Light reflecting off of Light. The Toltecs believe that Heaven and Hell are “states of mind” that exist here on earth at the same time. We choose to exist in heaven or hell; Free Will is within our control. We consciously decide how we respond or react to life’s events and depending on our decision, we will experience our life in a state or Heaven or a state of Hell state.

Bibliographical information

Ruiz, Don Miguel. The Four Agreements : A practical guide to personal freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book). California: Amber-Allen Publishing, 1997.

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