The Four Agreements

written by don miguel ruiz ~ reviewed by jaime kozlowski


I was made aware of the author, Don Miguel Ruiz, by recommendation of my professor Margie Robertson. During our first class meeting we discussed three of the four recommendations and since we ran out of time, I had to search the Internet for the fourth agreement. As one may imagine, I googled Ruiz’s name and stumbled on his website where I found out the fourth agreement was simply “Always do your best.” Simple and blatantly obvious to most, but as the cliché goes “easier said than done.”

What I discovered by reading this book is that I “break” all four agreements everyday. Just like everyone else. Imagine that! I have become aware and do my best to reverse my thinking. In the short while I have been practicing the four agreements, I am noticeably less “stressed” and considerably content. These tools are integral in the formation of healthy and happy relationships with our fellow humans. Choosing awareness of one’s thought control and positive thinking leads to strong self-worth, which is vital to achieving true happiness.

All this power in a tiny, 129 page book? Logic tells us the shorter the read, the more readers willing and the easier to re-read. As a matter of fact, I’ve convinced my best friend, who does not read often, to do just that; read the whole book.  I look forward to sharing this book with many people and highly recommend the teachings of Ruiz to all with one eye to read. Everyone has something to gain by reading and if they chose to practice, their life will indeed change for the better.

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