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Posted by domspe on Jul 21, 2009 in wisdom nuggets

I have the choice to create the greastest version of myself.

Each person is a reflection of one of the many facets of myself.

Love is. Love all. Everyone is love.

You are beautiful.

Do what you feel not what you think.

We all need fuel for our fires… water, food, sun, people, physical activity, rest and most of all love.


finding freedom by restricting

Posted by domspe on Jul 3, 2009 in wisdom nuggets

we’ve noticed recently than when we need to restrict something, we end up finding freedom. The mere act of creating boundaries allows for greater expansion.

Less space in the house? get rid of stuff, have less clutter… both physically and mentally.

Less money? reduce expenses and find out that we don’t “need” as much as we thought

Food allergies/sensitives? discover healthier and tastier alternatives. Cook more, spend less, enjoy more!

Put the dishrack in the sink, leaving only 1 sink for washing… more space on counter & dishes get done more frequently leaving less big dirty piles!



Posted by domspe on Apr 10, 2009 in wisdom nuggets

Yet another “thank you blog” moment — a historical posts talks about my admiration for a friend who has managed to acquire an immense amount of physical capabilities. I was inspired by his discipline and remarked: Discipline is Remembering WHAT you Want.

Yesterday, I put this into action. I *really* want to convert to using my bike as a main mode of transportation. But after spending 11 years using my car as my means of getting about, its a matter of habit. And, well, discipline. I actually turned around and drove back home yesterday to use my bike.

I’m already pretty excellent about scheduling enough time between things. Now, i just need to remember to use my bike. Oh, any i absolutely need a Timbuk2 bag… oh, and spin shifters.


don’t should all over yourself

Posted by domspe on Apr 7, 2009 in wisdom nuggets


its a very bad word. I should do this, He should do that. Who decides what we SHOULD do?

Often, its not anything I want or need to do.

I’m boycotting “should” instead, I think i’ll use:
If I really wanted to, I could…
or realize that I don’t always get to do ONLY the things i want:
I absolutely have to…


playing catchup.

Posted by domspe on Apr 7, 2009 in wisdom nuggets

a new friend just said a brilliant wisdom nugget: Often we have to decide if we are going to catch up or move forward

It seems to coincide with my new mantra “All in due time”

Her manta: “I can handle anything”

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