Plinkd Hosting = cancelled?

Posted by domspe on Aug 15, 2007 in abundance |

Wow… when it rains, it pours.

Lightening stuck my house on 7/27 killing all my computers. I am just getting my plugs back into the wall, strategizing how I will catch up on all the work i have to do, when this email lands in my inbox:

plinkd hosting goes bye bye
From: Gary Reid
Reply-To: [email protected]
To: undisclosed-recipients
Date: Aug 15, 2007 7:30 AM
Subject: IMPORTANT Plinkd Closing 14th September 2007


We are closing Plinkd down on the 14th September 2007 we will not be
providing hosting after that date.

You need to move your sites from the server by that date otherwise your
data will be lost.

Any outstanding invoices will be canceled.

We just don’t have the time to commit to Plinkd.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Gary Reid

the website expresses the same sentiment:

Plinkd Closing

Plinkd is closing on the 14th September and no longer providing hosting.

If you have any questions please email gary [at] combtail [dot] com

I have been hosting with them since July 2006 & have had great service… the only flaw is that I have had to remind them to invoice me!!! I should have known something was going on, I suppose. 1 month notice?!?!? Should i be happy i GOT notice?

So, I’m really disappointed and entirely too swamped to move all 18 sites to another host. Heck, i need to FIND another suitable host.

bye bye web 2.0 social hosting.


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